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My review of this web series is basically a lot of what thedisturbedhedgehog said in his review. The web series was quite confusing as the stories were supposed to mix together but it was never really clear how the stories mixed together.One big issue I have with Storytellers is how everyone wants a Season two. Let's be real here, most of the people asking for a season two only want one because they are fans of Joey and want to support him. What is even worse is people who say that Joey should be on television or the series should be on television. First off, just by being in one acting role (let's be honest here, The Amazing Race is not an acting role) does not mean you are good enough to be on television. There are so many actors who are in many movies (who do not deserve the amount of credit they are given) who most people have probably never heard of. Yet everyone fangirls over someone who had never acted before this web series.The whole campfire aspect confused me. It just seemed so unreal. If you are sitting around a campfire with your friends, more than likely you will be telling funny stories or laughing and having a good time. Sure, you may tell some scary stories but everyone's story will be completely different. Yet, in this series all the stories involved the same characters and overall plot.Another problem with the series was that there was no character development. When the series began, the "friends" were already sitting around the campfire. How did they become friends? What led them to all sit around a campfire and tell stories? How old are these people? Are they spending a camping trip in the woods? I felt like I knew nothing about the campfire characters (notice I said campfire characters, not the story characters). Even the story characters had very little character development (really no background on any of the characters).When someone advertises something they are producing or starring in, and makes it enticing enough to get a lot of people to watch it, or to get a lot of hype around whatever it is they are promoting, it should at least be "good". It should at least look like time was taken to fully create what is being promoted. Yet, that was not the case.I thought that the actual actors/actresses in the series, (Jake Thomas and Devyn Smith) were the best in the series. Why? They have had experience in acting before).The biggest fail of the series was the ending. The series ended with a cliffhanger. That is a huge problem considering there is a chance the series will not be picked up for a season two. How will the show end if there happens to be no season two? I was excited to watch this series, mainly because Joey Graceffa kept mentioning it and got my hopes up. I do not watch many web series (although I have wanted to) so I was happy that one was being made with him as the lead actor. My feelings about the series turned from excited to sad once the series came out.A lesson for Joey and the other cast and crew members, perhaps next time you should not give a project so much hype in case it is a fail or turns out badly. If you give a project a lot of positive hype, people are going to expect it to be good. If the project ends up being bad, well, then you have a project like Storytellers...and no one wants a project like storytellers., Two best friends from Amsterdam creating video essays on film and writing. We strive to extract meaning from story through symbolical and cultural film analy, Les damos la bienvenida a #Storytellers. El club de lectura más mágico que pueda existir. ¿Se unen a nuestra aventura? El club de lectura más mágico que pueda existir. ¿Se unen a nuestra .
Six friends join together to tell a story that becomes increasingly dangerous and frightening. When the events of their story begin to cross over between worlds, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred., Offering cultural exchange USA summer jobs in America for over 50 years! Camp America offers summer camp employment in the USA! An experience of a lifetime!, The Storytellers / Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom. 8,355 likes · 149 talking about this · 17,788 were here. A public house and meeting place, The Storytellers move people to accelerate change and transform business performance. 16 years' experience with more than 170 major organisations worldwide., , .
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